Wednesday, April 16, 2008


cold races behind
read in order of finish
spring was theme for each


spring is here to stay
ride our weekly cycle fair
flat tires stand no chance

johnny g

the best time to ride
and wind blows strong i figure
smile grows as sun warms


gravel on the road
soleil prevails once again
where have my slicks gone

john s

the snow has melted
life is so good, full of hope
a spring in my step


wind chill to sun screen
smell of road salt to dog shit
nordic cross is fin


like a wheel turning
spring comes around once again
now bring me a beer


hungry for spring time
breathing, gasping, a cadence
eating dust and wind


the weather has turned
and i am all a tizzy
why? beer tastes better


renewal begins
river open, breeze is cool
breathes deep, pain is gone

jon b [jon missed the race but shared haiku and beer]

spring is beautiful
dry roads, clean streets and clear skies
potholes fuckin' suck

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