Tuesday, January 15, 2008

hara curry

even moderate
this race dishonours the food
among friends we dine

parking's always a premium downtown

500 grams of plate: 600 grams of food. i was asked to establish offering size, and despite the mythologizing that has clouded last year's race, this plate is not far off that mark.

paddy, clearly awestruck, witnesses vic's capable handling of the third plate.

dave, suprising many, dispatched a third plate with prowess.

our gracious host serving complimentary sambuca!

jonny benson, always a crowd favorite, would be destroyed by this ill advised third plate.

tomek stunned us all and apparently himself with a third plate.....

.....30 minutes later, and with nary a dent in the plate, tomek tires of the attention. looking on, in the background, our honorary captain.

fortunately tomek parked his bike on the upper deck because bending over for his bike after 2 pints and approximately 2.5 kilos [5lbs for our southern brothers and sisters] of food would have proven embarrassing if not fatal.


alberto said...

well reported and raced sir. it was good to see you again.

PaddyH said...

damn! that's a great recap, thanks Dave!