Friday, June 29, 2007

bicycle culture baby

image of diy bike lanes from martinos

were gonna take over, not because we want it, just because there's no other way.

got it.

so get off your ass cuz when the oil runs out that suv's gonna be a bitch to push.

now, back to peaceful buddhist thought.

thanks apple

shipping and handling paid and a new ipod has arrived. now if i could only figure out what is wrong with my i-shuffle.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

fresh ink

i like it

some fresh work by chris stans' on the inside of my right arm.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

L ....

bye-bye buddy. in the forefinger and thumb pressed to my forehead for loser.

within a brief moment of inattentive, incautious, living my ipod fell from a table and hit the floor. it has not worked since its fall.

you may recall an earlier episode at that time apple stunned me with unimaginably wonderful service and replaced a dropped ipod f.o.c..

i am holding my breath for i have just, online, filled out my newest service claim and i am eagerly awaiting what news will fall from the customer service tree which has hitherto shaded me from my folly.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


the computer at la riviere

my legs have been flat since red ass. i've actually thought of riding a shorter gear on the fixie because my legs have been so tired. i've actually found myself reaching for the brake because of lethargy.


and my fingers are still numb from compressed nerves. year will be fun.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

breaking news from my small world

where it begins.....well not exactly

new ink will happen. i've decided on a track bike on the inside of my right arm. cam von cook of osborne village ink will do the work, he is an amazing artist and i almost fell bad taking up his time with such a simple project.

the image was shamelessly lifted from
old skool track

special thanks to squirrel's cycling tattoo gallery for providing a wealth of ideas.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

benefits of red ass

the 'eyes' have it; regained focus unlike the shelled 10,000 yard stare of the portage self-portrait below.

- a little more grey, grizzled and tanned.

- unlike lindsay gauld, who i ran into while doodling around town on the steamroller, i did not loose weight but may have gained a pound or two. an ultra-running / ocassional mtn biking friend, murray kernaghan, refers to it as rebound weight. i think of it as the body going "wtf" and packing each and every cell with as much water as possible. [no worries!]

- the playlist i created for my ishuffle, not actually used during the race, is essentially my top 101 songs and has provided me with much post-race pleasure.

Monday, June 11, 2007

a shout out

to a solo blog by an experienced member of both the fgbc and mucr blogocollectives. velo bread.


...this beautiful, seemingly fragile but apparently hardy, flower bloomed in my 'garden.' if you knew how much time is spent gardening in lieu of, lets say soccer or riding, you would be impressed.

red assiniboine 500

jonny benson early on in carmen

team xtc: jonny's bike and mine. chris heubner also rode an xtc.

portage la prairie, 2 am, almost 400km down.

my legs are sore and my hands are numb but i finished.

the race was amazing and challenging. the single speeders stayed together, after tomak's heroic effort reeled us in at tinker, until lariviere. tom and chris headed off ahead of hal and i. we all got soaked just before nightfall in a huge storm by st leon. hal and i met up with jonny and cory smith at st lucipen, johnny had left la riviere after hal and i.

the ride to portage witnessed a remarkable show of cycling strength by hal and navigational prowess by local portage boy cory.

we arrived at portage just as tom and chris were leaving. jonny and i decided to rest and get back up and on the road before 7 am. hal and cory, looking strong and eager, left portage at 3:30 am.

the last segment of the race offered jonny and i the chance to ride along with geoff chipman and tom kolesnik. it was nice to eat up those last km's with four riders.

kudo's to nathan barton for attempting the race on a fixie.

and warm thank's to all the volunteers and especially the hospitality of don sissons who made his home available.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

red ass ?

more like full belly.

what 200 calories per hour looks like when heading out for what could turn into a 30hr spin.

nothing left but resting, working, eating and sleeping between now and saturday morning.

Monday, June 4, 2007

happy birthday buddy.

moving ahead into that big ol' future.

yesterday a bunch of us celebrated owen's birthday. it was a kick!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

with what has become her official soccer salute, piper celebrates a beautifully played match.

the girls had a great tourney but with one loss and two draws the finals were not for them. piper was tried often but kept the ball out of the net for the two halves for which she was keeper.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

st fx

so yesterday i was out steamrolling along and crossing the bridge to st fx when i noticed a cluster of catfish in the creek below. i really had no idea that this water was attached to the assiniboine but apparently it is. i do believe that the fish were spawning.

at any rate, i took owen there in the evening and he dug it. big fish.

heading upstream.

odd headwaters?