Thursday, May 31, 2007

soccer? sort of.

a boy, rocks, water

given enough time the shore would have, rock by rock, filled the pond.

up on the field piper was keeping the ball out of the net.

Monday, May 28, 2007

tonight's ride

not it's natural element, in from the wet streets: steamroller with bullhorns

after this evening's soccer game i dropped by the shoppe. a beer was had and paddy and i rode out into a city with streets puddled and emptied by a thunderstorm.

we rode together for a while. paddy on a wtf 15lbs ss carbon dream machine me on the steamroller, which now sports bullhorns. i'm not diggin the look, i was fond of the drops [which were chopped so they are present in spirit i guess] but i really like the feel of the new set-up.

in time paddy peeled off and i stayed out a while longer.

puddle reflect moon
rolling wheel disturb water
where does moon go then

Sunday, May 27, 2007

wbma alley cat

owen and i marshalled the skate park stop at the alley cat. i don't know the results, lindsay was, however the first into our checkpoint. all i can say it that conditions were wet, manifests were soaked and occasionally tattered. it was cold and windy.

with no decks or bikes owen and i worked on our parkour.

update: i ran into some folks who informed me that a thousand bucks were raised between the race and the social. i was also told that there may be another alley cat in a couple weeks time.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

today i drove my car

with the exception of a brief period of sleet/snow it was 9 and a half hours through rain.

the difference between riding a bike for nine and a half hours and driving a car for the same duration.

roughly 620kms.
aches occur in different places.
even if absurd cycling somehow delivers a greater sense of accomplishment.
real food rather than gels or bars.
i drink way less and wizz more.
the ipod provides more control over my music than the ishuffle.
driving the car makes the planet suck.
riding my bike makes the planet happy.

snow in may is not unusual; but may 23rd?

hold that pose. mind wandering in and out of the same thoughts all day.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

today i rode my bike

so i get in from a ride and i got a msg from a buddy i hav'nt seen in a while. so now i am fed and beered.

9 and a half hours in the saddle today. essentially last sunday's ride with extras. bonked at 8 and a half hours - a good experience that was.

i really like day's like this.

Friday, May 18, 2007

gravel; it ain't purty

i'd show you the elbow but it's really gross.

2 & a half hours of gravel and trails in the dark after a shift at the shop tonight. tested a new helmet mounted light and was again - i never tire of this - perfecting the use of my body as a brake.

first big thunderstorm of the year is erupting over my house right now. i love those storms when you're inside and warm.

Monday, May 14, 2007


so i finish watching the last king of scotland, excellent, i might add, and decide to return it. it needed to be returned by midnight, but not i. i headed out on what could have been a 5 minute ride and instead had a wonderfully serendipitous one and a half hour ride about town with the steamroller and being a sunday night the streets pretty much to myself. i visited old neighbourhoods and old homes.

night ride resting street
i move about memory
pedal connecting thread

Sunday, May 13, 2007

pure xtc

38x16. with red ass 500km looming the two 2 one and i have been getting reacquainted.

just over 7hrs; just under 200km.

home/river trails/abandoned rail bed/floodway/bur-oak x4/floodway/abandoned rail bed/river trails/quick stop at house for 8mm hex wrench for loose crank arm/assiniboine park/assiniboine forest/hart trail/wilkes/roblin/wellington/wolseley.

home. my toes are sore. my legs are good. the bike is dialed. i broke another spoke.

ahead. lemonade; bath; food; dvd [last king of scotland]; sleep.

happy mothers day.

[bonivital update: the girls lost the semi-final in a shoot-out after over time. it was an amazing game which capped off a fantastic performance throughout the tournament. congratulations to st. charles.]

Saturday, May 12, 2007


the girl's got game. piper scored a goal

with two out of three matches behind them the girls are still undefeated. a tie and a win.

p.s. make that a tie and two wins and a trip to the semis.


i have laughed, written, loved, longed for ...., meditated, ridden five hours, watched piper play to a draw, written.....

river trails dry
dodge trees brush off winter's rust
scrape skin collect burs

Friday, May 11, 2007

forecast for this weekend

owen running down the ball

soccer, ride bike, meditate, love, learn, laugh, eat, sleep, write.

when i am not attending the games of piper's soccer tournament i will be putting in the miles. i have'nt been meditating and i am becoming muddled.

meditate muddled
thought like molasses before
sharp precise after

let's hope.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

a bliss borne of tenacity

after sleeping in, perfect sunday pastime, i had but a couple hours for a ride. i grabbed the fixie and headed west with nice tail wind. 1hr to st francis. there i turned into a head wind. for 40 minutes, till i got back to the shelter of the city, my quads and hams were, with each revolution at the point of failure.

if you can't go long you may as well go hard.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


i was spinning, for i had gears, into a 50 km head wind with some cross wind on my return from a zippy ride to st francis and i should have been suffering but i had a smile, that we all know, on my face. that smile emanated from cycling bliss my thinking 'what beautiful things we are and what amazing things we can do with these bodies we have.'

just a smidge over 17lbs. it has gears but i like it. the bike for the long endurance ride.

geared at 48x14 and used for sprinting, doodling, skidding and sometimes just plain old stopping. this bike is the real reason for the long recovery rides.


when i dream of a perfect world it looks something like this.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

three interwoven hiaku

i wait attached
silent awhile now cryptic
a peek then hidden

blues, red freckled
yearning without a reprieve
in notes a story

gladly i attach
blind i become to all else
words i gave in trust

home blogging

so with the car in saskatoon the only evening with slightly dicey logistics was tonight and the kids and i handled it with style. while piper was at soccer practice, we rode to her car pool, owen and i did a little exploring. we took in some trails, rode to toys r us, stopped in at the shoppe and grabbed some ice cream while we awaited piper being reunited with us.

we like bikes.

laying down the skids. one to admire.

so much to see

education at the shoppe. learning new words from the master.

ice cream

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

road blogging 2

848 kms home to wpg.

any favours my cycling does for the environment will be blown by the flights and driving this week. still to come; a flight back to saskatoon thurday night and a drive back saturday afternoon/evening/night.





lunch with my favorite gal