Thursday, August 30, 2007


[its been so long since i've been here, the blog, i almost feel like i need to dust and sweep.]

i found this marker significant for it marks the limit of the columbia icefield the first time i visited it when my family moved to alberta in 1981.

aside from that personal note what is more significant is how far the icefeild has moved back since then. this marker is at least a kilometer from the present edge. this was a very dramatic display of climate change for the kids and i when we visited this summer.

please reduce your carbon footprint, we try, even though we drove all over the prairies and mountains and use electricity to produce and disseminate information.


alberto said...

thanks for the post and picture dave - makes one wonder about the direction we are heading.

Team Jonny said...

i remember visiting the Columbia Icefields as a kid as well back in '96 and being surprised at how much it had shrunk... that was before I knew anything of global warming. it would be interesting for me to see how much it's retreated in the last 11 years.