Sunday, April 29, 2007

Thursday, April 26, 2007

garbage hill

renowned late night haunt of the fgbc; early dawn, lunch hour and evening haunt of the mtn biker looking for local elevation, early evening haunt of families, couples, friends, runners, cyclists..... and of course dogs and their owners could be there at any time.

imagine if that few acres were nothing but another factory or big box location?

probably be there at lunch today doing laps with paddy.

during the last couple days the buds have come out on the elms. wonderful!

why owen calls it garbage mountain

"ahh dad, when were you going to register me for karate?"

beauty with skyline.

piper doing laps.

if you look closely you can still see tire tracks from tuesday night.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

rhythm of our days

don't get tied in knots

the other day i found myself in full blown gripe mode. as a result of scheduling between the kids homes and my work travel schedule i was not going to get out for a weekend ride for close to a month. the griping was fueled by a love of the long ride and also by anxiety regarding base training for the upcoming red-ass 500 km race. and last night while out for pints following what was a very well attended and hugely fun tuesday night ride i reconciled the fact that red-ass may as well be a huge sufferfest in prep for other race efforts which for me cannot really be scheduled till july and august.

yesterday at lunch i recognized the beauty of my bitching and realized as i was gleefully doing laps at the dump and re-discovering the immense joy of mtn biking that i was griping because i was not getting enough of what was giving my joy.

as i always tell the kids and should clearly remind myself; it is better to fully experience the joy at hand rather than fuss over its limits.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

bears, bikes and soccer balls


some are lucky enough to be racing.
other's lucky enough to not be racing.

this morning the kids built bears at build a bear. they have great and innumerable plans for these well marketed stuffies.

and earlier than that i was tweaking the road bike.

the bears rode to and dropped into the shoppe.

prefered mode of transportation

owen and piper: one on one

piper and i: one on one

swinging with bat-bear

sunday's are bliss

Friday, April 20, 2007


image by owen

early today i got out for the bread & butter headingly ride. big wind and a new gear [48x14] on the fixie meant some mashing on the way out and some big speed on the return. i stretched the ride a little further this morning and rode the gravel out to beaudry. that was nice. i find myself getting mildly stressed about my conditioning with red ass looming on the horizon.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

cats and fish

i think i'm getting my focus back. whew. ran into dave dorning today. i was coming back from a 50 km 'lunch hour' and he was heading out for a 100 km afternoon ride. it was great to chat with him after a winter of not crossing paths.

got ten minutes to kill. sent to me by good friend who is presently far away. thanks steve.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

gravel race / spring classic

the wind was the story today at the first running of what is certain to become a spring classic: a gravel road race. once into the tail wind the ss'ers were doomed. the kid's and i were out in support of the racers.

pre-race piggy-back.

hal: sporting fgbc colours charges into the wind for his second lap.

tom and his freshly painted truelove. one down....

esau with the first race of the long awaited comeback behind him.

paddy showing this year's version of race face.

spring on the prairie.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

local bike

on fixed gear gallery.

i got out for a great ride this morning and would have rode all day if i had the chance. the kids and i got out for this year's first long ride to the local ice creme pushers.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

day of riding; day of hanging around

tom, paddy and i busted out a five hour fixie ride today. variable road condition: asphalt, bad ashphalt, gravelly shoulders, pure gravel, ditches, industrial parks..... it was a spring classic. just somewhere over 120kms.

owen and i were out on the bmx's this morning.

heading out on the open road.

cruisin the hood.

not just bikes bring us joy. dig it!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

crossing my fingers

owen's new ride

well it looks as if my music will be successfully transfered from the desk-top to the lap-top. i can breathe a sigh of relief and get out and play. i'm digging vista. it's cool. turns out i am very attached to my music. at least attached enough to spend hours re-incorporating it.

piper's new bmx turned out to be perfectly sized for owen so he's super happy to be riding. piper has accepted that the blue one which was not green will be her's. she has the "i likes my bikes" gene and it has over ridden the "i prefer this colour" gene cause it's a bike and thusly dug. we are all set up now.

i'll have live photos of the bike in action i just don't feel like digging for the camera's software, which i believe need be loaeded before i hook it up to this thing.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Thursday, April 5, 2007

this post is from my new laptop

we'll see how this new computer thing goes.

tomorrow i'm thinking of doing a 3hr fixed ride west and back. any takers let me know by noon. and sunday's ride has changed to an afternoon ride for me; tom may still be riding in the early a.m.
looks like paddy will join me as well and all are welcome. details to come but it will be the 160 km muddy waters route or a version of and i'll be riding fixed.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


i am making sushi again. this may not matter to you. i, however, am scratching my head and wondering why or how, i ever stopped.

if you have not yet listened to amy winehouse's backto black you must. this is close to the best music i have heard in some time.

sweet beats; killer lyrics. two thumbs up!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

fool's cross

johnny benson busts out his new fixie.

the bikes: racked 50 wet, sopping, frigid metres from the start.

first you chug,

then you spin.

well paddy threw a helluva race to wrap-up the nordic cross series. a beautiful night with plenty of excrutiatingly cold water to race in. the forest traverse was a bit much but i guess i could have waded though a creek of unknown depth.

the series has wrapped up just in time, hal was pointing out that the first mtb cup race is only 3 weeks away. i think nordic cross did the trick: winter is behind us and racing never really ended.

april fools day....

...seems like the perfect time to look back on a decisive moment in manitoba fixie racing. it was a beautiful summer evening when team lux was disallowed from racing at the provincial team time trials because their bikes lacked brakes. they 'raced' regardless of the ruling in true fixie spirit . way to go guys this moment will always be remembered.

renee and arlene examine paddy's bike

coming in hard after after the first lap.

team lux [paddy, tom, ian, steve] champions, all.