Monday, March 12, 2007

haiku cross results: fixie's lament

first, i would like to thank all who came as spectators or racers, making haiku cross possible. thanks also for the food donations for winnipeg harvest.

conditions did'nt favour the steamrollers last night and tom and i, and the other racers, were often stumbling through the snow. the warm weather also created perfect snowball conditions which chris and paddy made good and accurate use of. i was using my bike as a sheild almost as often as a mode of transport. a good evening was had by all. after all the guests had left tomek presented his haiku. tom's dnf avoiding haiku can be seen below with the others.

last night's race made grudge cross look like an evening of romantic poetry. who knew the pressure of creating verse would unleash so many knock-downs, tussles, snowballs, and all out tom-foolery. it was a good thing my poet's soul inhabits a fighter's physique for paddy's intentional head-on collision with me resulted in a broken brake lever for him [no hail-mary brake for his fixed ride home] and nary a scuffed knuckle for me.

the pit area

pre-race banter lossened up with grappa and jack daniels. are the roots of grudgy riding found here?

post race reading. 'hoist on one's own theme', johnny on the left , prepares to recite an ode to kraft dinner. the dr [aka chris] prepares to count syllables. he was a focused and strict scrutineer. hal at ease; with the race behind him he settles in for a spring ushering haiku.

the results and the haiku. [paddy, as course marshall, invoked 'tom time,' a locally renowned elongation of time, in this instance called upon to make up for the losing of an hour to daylight savings time. at the bell lap rider's pulled a haiku theme from a hat. during the bell lap the riders composed haiku.]

1. hal 60 minutes
2. johnny b 60 minutes + 1 lap
3. dave 60 minutes + 1 lap
4. tomek 60 minutes + 3 laps
5. shona 60 minutes + 3 laps
6. blake 60 minutes + 3 laps
7. johnny 60 minutes + 4 laps

haiku, in order of presentation. [all haiku have been scrutinized by the haiku marshall, chris. i invoked race host priveledges to allow for tom's 'silent' entry.]

johnny's theme, kraft dinner [supplied by johnny]:

an ode to kd
dear, would you like some to share
please, let her say no

blake's theme, triginometry [supplied by dave]:

a plus b is c
this is triginometry
it's useful to me

shona's theme, immoderation [supplied by chris]:

immoderation is
impossible to
prove to you till you

[note: shona invoked the seldom used tomekian 7-5-7 form of haiku.]

tomek's theme, windsheild wipers [i apologize for forgetting who supplied this theme].

wet snow makes bike slow
cars and hal pass me by, fast
windshield wipers hum

dave's theme, the tree ate the cyclist [supplied by tomek]:

tree hits cyclist, bow
cyclist makes amends for harm
tree better for now.

[note: i was humbled by a misremembered theme [tree hits cyclist]. very thoughtfully chris accepted my haiku.]

johnny benson's theme, falafel [supplied by johnny benson]:

chewy, delicious
very tasty little treat
not quite pork chop though

hal's theme, pant's [i apologize for forgetting who penned this theme]:

my pants are too short
the floods come early in may
my ankles are wet

again a warm thanks to all who shared this fun evening.

below photos courtesy of scott weibe.

hal: the personification of focus and composure as he and his fat tyred, free whellin iro mowed down the competition. no doubt his hours in the gym this winter were also instrumental.

tomek and his steamroller: 'bringing a knife to a gun-fight'

ghostly rider climbs stairs behind the library

the haiku scrutineer's report; photo documentation at the course marshall's blog
; team johnny's excellent report


Team Jonny said...

nice report dave, I would just like to make a small correction and put the word 'very' at the start of my second line. I know there's haters out there with nothing to but hate, so before they come hatin' on me I just wanted to clear that up. ;)

Paddy Humenny said...

no hatin' hear....

..Tom didn't want to read that????
..still can't figure that one out, but a dnf, is a dnf..

dallas said...

Now teach me how to write those crazy things so I can get in on the action:)

Oh and I saw Hal doing double secret training (the paddy way) at BHP. That is why he's fast I'm betting.

Paddy Humenny said...

the could be true about secret training if it wasn't for the mass email Hal sent out inviting folks on the ride, you were one it..I guess you were there though as he saw you running...

alberto said...

racing, humus, beer
spring weather, snowballs flying,
haiku equals joy

thanks dave.

Snakebite said...

Very cool!

sue said...