Friday, March 30, 2007

for a friend

knowing that our beautiful lives will inevitably, and perhaps frequently, bring us to our knees saddens me. all those we love will eventually suffer and wanting to suffer for them we will suffer with them.

another truth is;

knowing that our beautiful lives will inevitably, and perhaps frequently, bring us happiness gives me joy. all those we love will eventually have happiness and in being happy for them we will be happy with them.

may we always rise to the challenges presented to those we love.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

meander compassionately, always

like water flowing
it cannot know where it goes
and yet there it is

karma is action. all actions set in motion forces even we can see and manifold forces we cannot possibly see. but all action resonates throughout this universe and the lives within it.

act always from compassion.


change in weather

the belle of the ball; suited up for spring.

tomek's diaphram. it looks like it would slow him down but its really like a third lung.

outside the clubhouse the bikes are parked while the riders imbibe in some pints of fort garry dark. that beautiful blue bike is darryl's newly minted norco fixie.

all it takes is a little warmth. today witnessed an hour of 'lunch' riding about town; almost 3 hrs in the evening riding out to st francis; and the re-inauguration of the fgbc tuesday night rides.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


this morning; different parking lot, same idea. a little game of tag.

can't catch her!

'catch me if you can'

owen & piper wanted real bmx's [as opposed to their 20' bmxish kid's bikes.] so i got a couple during the dark days of january. yesterday we enjoyed the beautiful sun shiny day by taking them out to a dry parking lot across the street. there we played an impromptu game of bike tag and just had a grand time bombing around the parking lot for more than an hour!

we'll be back out this afternoon. believe it or not this was my first time on a bmx. i dig it and with a new dirt track being built in the city, in addition to the sweet concrete set-up at the forks this may be a summer of trick riding balanced with ultra-long endurance mtn-bike racing. oh, and of course long sultry evenings on the fixie just doodling around town.

mixin it up. owen at 5 is still a little small for the street/trick bike so it will be mine. the blue of piper's dirt racer is not green so there is a new bike on the way for her and that makes her's his. owen, to his chagrin will be on last year's bike for a few more week.

Friday, March 23, 2007


my creative energies are elsewhere.

additionally; the rain melts the snow and my fixie is metamophizing from a dowdy, fendered, winter bike to something all black, fast, light, drop-bared, fabulous and exciting. you get the idea.

in the midst of a day, spring's first bloom.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


this morning.

1st lap: snow, hail.

2nd lap: sleet, rain.

3rd lap: a beautiful pain and a hint of the sun from behind thick, fast clouds.

4th lap: wish i coulda but it was into dry clothes and off to the shoppe to push parts and work off a little debt.

like a hamster on a wheel.

mucr comrades got out as well.

wbma alleycat

mission accomplished: six manifests, and a spoke card.

post race and mildly hung over.

what a hoot. downtown: the streets were mostly dry and fast, temperatures were good, and there was much st patrick's eve traffic. cars, trucks, vans, packs of revelers, and smaller groups of pedestrians to weave and dodge around. i don't know how many red lights i went through. oh, i remember, dozens.

i went down hard, very early in the race, on a patch of ice and hit the asphalt at can-west park with huge force. the earth did not budge.

the post race party was a great chance to hang and chat with a number of people i have run into and seen about town over the years.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


i sweep daily; each room of my home. often i am suprised by the number of crumbs, specks of sand, dirt, dust and scraps of the previous day which make it to the dust pan.

i meditate each day; silence sweeps my mind. often i am suprised at how much of the previous day has settled like a dust over the floor of my mind.

better to sweep daily than allow the accretion of what could be effortlessly swept away.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

the end is nigh

can it be?

are we really posting the final nordic cross event!

since i was out yesterday soaking up much needed spring sun and doing laps at bhp with the variable speed-carbon-fun machine, perhaps it is.

fool's cross - brought to you by paddy 'my snowball aim is true even if i have a gimped knee' humenny.

Monday, March 12, 2007

haiku cross results: fixie's lament

first, i would like to thank all who came as spectators or racers, making haiku cross possible. thanks also for the food donations for winnipeg harvest.

conditions did'nt favour the steamrollers last night and tom and i, and the other racers, were often stumbling through the snow. the warm weather also created perfect snowball conditions which chris and paddy made good and accurate use of. i was using my bike as a sheild almost as often as a mode of transport. a good evening was had by all. after all the guests had left tomek presented his haiku. tom's dnf avoiding haiku can be seen below with the others.

last night's race made grudge cross look like an evening of romantic poetry. who knew the pressure of creating verse would unleash so many knock-downs, tussles, snowballs, and all out tom-foolery. it was a good thing my poet's soul inhabits a fighter's physique for paddy's intentional head-on collision with me resulted in a broken brake lever for him [no hail-mary brake for his fixed ride home] and nary a scuffed knuckle for me.

the pit area

pre-race banter lossened up with grappa and jack daniels. are the roots of grudgy riding found here?

post race reading. 'hoist on one's own theme', johnny on the left , prepares to recite an ode to kraft dinner. the dr [aka chris] prepares to count syllables. he was a focused and strict scrutineer. hal at ease; with the race behind him he settles in for a spring ushering haiku.

the results and the haiku. [paddy, as course marshall, invoked 'tom time,' a locally renowned elongation of time, in this instance called upon to make up for the losing of an hour to daylight savings time. at the bell lap rider's pulled a haiku theme from a hat. during the bell lap the riders composed haiku.]

1. hal 60 minutes
2. johnny b 60 minutes + 1 lap
3. dave 60 minutes + 1 lap
4. tomek 60 minutes + 3 laps
5. shona 60 minutes + 3 laps
6. blake 60 minutes + 3 laps
7. johnny 60 minutes + 4 laps

haiku, in order of presentation. [all haiku have been scrutinized by the haiku marshall, chris. i invoked race host priveledges to allow for tom's 'silent' entry.]

johnny's theme, kraft dinner [supplied by johnny]:

an ode to kd
dear, would you like some to share
please, let her say no

blake's theme, triginometry [supplied by dave]:

a plus b is c
this is triginometry
it's useful to me

shona's theme, immoderation [supplied by chris]:

immoderation is
impossible to
prove to you till you

[note: shona invoked the seldom used tomekian 7-5-7 form of haiku.]

tomek's theme, windsheild wipers [i apologize for forgetting who supplied this theme].

wet snow makes bike slow
cars and hal pass me by, fast
windshield wipers hum

dave's theme, the tree ate the cyclist [supplied by tomek]:

tree hits cyclist, bow
cyclist makes amends for harm
tree better for now.

[note: i was humbled by a misremembered theme [tree hits cyclist]. very thoughtfully chris accepted my haiku.]

johnny benson's theme, falafel [supplied by johnny benson]:

chewy, delicious
very tasty little treat
not quite pork chop though

hal's theme, pant's [i apologize for forgetting who penned this theme]:

my pants are too short
the floods come early in may
my ankles are wet

again a warm thanks to all who shared this fun evening.

below photos courtesy of scott weibe.

hal: the personification of focus and composure as he and his fat tyred, free whellin iro mowed down the competition. no doubt his hours in the gym this winter were also instrumental.

tomek and his steamroller: 'bringing a knife to a gun-fight'

ghostly rider climbs stairs behind the library

the haiku scrutineer's report; photo documentation at the course marshall's blog
; team johnny's excellent report

Sunday, March 11, 2007

haiku cross: fixie's lament

course marshalls piper and owen

the course marshalls and i have just come in from walking the course. the original course will be used. the warm weather has done nothing negative. so, although there will be a warm-up lap so that we've got the course down, here's a description. [visual aid]

east on wolseley - hard right down alley behind mulvey school - left onto woodrow place - hard right behind bridge motors - through the notched wall of snow and down the staircase leading under the maryland bridge - east under the bridges to staircase beside cornish branch wpl - 180 degree turn baby - down embankment to river - west along river trail to parking lot of apartments at foot of chestnut - through parking lot to wolseley - right on wolesley.


bring theme for haiku, bike and donation for winnipeg harvest to my place.

start time 8 p.m. and it looks like we will be racing in light/twilight as a result of day light savings time.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

haiku cross: fixie's revenge

warm weather descend
winter ice melt water run
course change required

excuse the haiku. i cannot resist. a new route will be ridden for i fear that the original course may be too muddy. not too muddy for riding but too muddy for post-race commiserating at my house.

this race will be cross with a dash of crit. lets call it 'fixies revenge'. although slicks are neither required, nor seen as an advantage, narrow will suffice and perhaps be an advantage over fat.

post-script: the course will not be changed from original conception

Thursday, March 8, 2007

take five

meditate for 5 minutes. in those non-fidgety minutes [they will seem to be un-ending] the mind will wander to and fro, back and forth and over well trodden paths. gently and without judgement watch the mind wander about. recognize that your mind may be unaccustomed to peace. allow it to be introduced to peacefulness.

those 5 minutes of peace can be more than many get in a day [this is not about getting more than others.] it may be more peace than many get in a week. more peace than some give themselves in a month. allow this peace to be dependant on nothing so that it may be hindered by nothing.

it is more peace than i can muster unless i allow my thoughts to come and go; to rise and dissapate. cling to nothing. especially disallowing the clinging to nothing itself.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

not just a pretty face

going in

today, at lunch, i repaired my stove. i was ocassionally confused but i did it without electrocuting myself.


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

a few things i like .....

.... include music, documentaries, and pleasant suprises. i've just finished watching new york doll, a wonderful documentary about new york dolls bassist, arthur 'killer' kane. yesterday i grabbed this movie at the library because i had a some knowledge of the dolls and their importance to rock. the movie covers the dolls' story well and as a personal documentary about kane it tells an engaging, bittersweet story. highly recommended.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

haiku cross

hey cats bring a theme
compose and ride, memorize
race the course with speed

next sunday, march 11th, haiku cross. start time will be no earlier than 7:30 and no later than 8. well, lets just call it 8 p.m.

staging will be at my house. post race at my house as well. i'm pretty sure all racers of the nordic cross series know where i live. if you don't, just ask.

entry fee: food donation for winnipeg harvest.

other requirements: a theme for haiku, a bike.

the course has been determined. race will be 45 minutes plus haiku. racers will be responsible for counting their laps and composing their haiku. nobody said this would be easy. mechanical devices to record your haiku while riding; pens, paper, voice recorders etc. are not allowed.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

blog cleaning

what would you do?

i should be cleaning owen's room but instead i've been catching up on some blogs. as a result i have updated my links over to the right.

so without further delay let me introduce some cycling blogs.

added the other day as 'blog i dig' is bicycling diaries an eclectic blog from the city with broad shoulders. world beat and urbane.

cycling lyfestyle, because squirrel's got a way of boosting my energy flow.

how to avoid the bummer life , always entertaining and making me laugh.

martino's, keeps me in touch with my home town and relates happenings and ideas that may translate to winnipeg.

and because life ain't all about bikes and because even when riding fixed my mind can wander beyond my bubble there are these places to wander about.

blogmandu, a great compiler of things buddhist in the blogosphere.


urban dharma, a great source of podcasts and teachings in other media.

100 days, a on-line meditation community has been dropped from the list for it is presently defunct.

well owen's room will have to wait for now it is time to ride my bike.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

beware the ides of march

never knew what that meant but march can be a cruel month and to celebrate i'm diving in and taking it all on.

wisdom from under a magnet on my fridge door.

"here is edward bear, coming downstairs now, bump, bump, bump on the back of his head, behind christopher robin. it is, as far as he knows, the only way of coming downstairs, but sometimes he feels that there really is another way, if only he could stop bumping for a moment and think of it."