Wednesday, November 29, 2006

candidate for counselling

this spectator needs help. perhaps we could get him to come to the next grudge-cross.

OTT: Phantom of the Paradise

winter's beauty

white beauty descended upon winnipeg while i was driving through yet another winter storm to bring books to the good people of saskatchewan. fyi: snow tires [for your car] are worth every penny.

OTT: XTC; Peter Gabriel

Sunday, November 26, 2006

the beginning

this morning witnessed the first stationary bike ride of the winter. last weekend i awoke insanely early and could not work on refinishing the kitchen floor, too noisy, so i set about rehabilitating the basement. [since ripping out a superflous bedroom and essentially gutting the basement during the initial 'month of mucho labour' after taking possession of la casa, the basement has been ignored. what had grown down below were indifferently organized piles of associated stuff.

well all that is past. now the basement is organized and spiffy. yesterday i set about creating a bike shop and getting my road bike back together so i could throw it on the trainer. this morning, assisted by a wake-up time that made last weekend's look like a sleep-fest, i set about to get stuff done around the house and eventually got on the trainer. i rode for about an hour and it was not as head-cracking boring as i feared. i put the i-pod on shuffle and dreamed of the summer to come. [i've got plans.]

OTT: Etta James; Dead Kennedys; Oscar Peterson; Beck.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Thursday, November 23, 2006

mucr slogan?

photo by the ever talented laura braun. brilliant use of a powerful quote for a number plate by the ultra-creative ian hall. i'm thinking that this appropriation should be appropriated as the mucr [manitoba union of cyclocross racers/riders] slogan. presuming we are mucr and that we will desire, or require, a slogan. perhaps that quote would be more appropriate for the federated union of cyclocross races, or fucr. thanks to hal for both mucr and fucr.

OTT: xtc [wasp star]

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

in memorium: jenna 1994-2006.

it is with great sadness that i relate the passing of a cherished friend. jenna, [aka j-bear] was a cuddly, affectionate and loving feline member of our family. rescued by mawney from the hands of some abusive boys some 12 years ago, jenna joined a household which at that time included mawney and i and four other feline friends; bitsy, mandy,yuri and pjys.

j-bear will be missed by owen, piper, mawney and i. She will also be missed by her canine pals, belle and lucky and her feline cohorts; lucy, shiver, tiger lily, chester and francis.

j-bear may the love you gave enrich you next life.

goodbye my friend.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

royal york

i will be at the royal york again this year while attending OLA. great hotel. indepth research. looks like downtime won't be a problem.

OTT: Radiohead [Hail to the Theif]

Monday, November 20, 2006

cycling in copenhagen

or kobenhavn.

a film about copenhagen and it's relationship with cyclists.
worth watching if you have 20 or so minutes.
civilization at its best.

go here

OTT: Cracker

the zone

poseur miles on my poseur bike took me to the newly refurbished "into the music," home of my music pooshers, for some new stuff. [if you can believe it nirvana's 'nevermind' is just now being incorporated into the mix and i grabbed beth orton's 'the otherside of daybreak.'

then i followed my nose to the re-fit store for the
perfect piece of glass for the light fixture in pi's room.

thanks to dr h. for this: i will now list what i am listening to while i create a blog entry. i've been hung up on the fact that i usually have the ipod on shuffle so more than one tune may come up while i am posting. so i will provide artist, maybe album, maybe song.

OTT: Sarah Harmer [Songs for Clem]; Orbital [Blue Album]; Mike Doughty [Skittish]; Antony [Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man].

Saturday, November 18, 2006

the winter challenge

for any canucks planning to do dr gary's winter challenge. [details at pure.]i have found for us a handy celcius to farenheit converter i can't find a converter for the rest of the math. i'm gonna get buried. but riding a fixie through a winnipeg winter will amass some serious suffer points.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

support this petition

go here and support a worthwhile endevour by a fellow cyclist.


nothing like a 'new' ride in the bike room to make me all excited about riding again. i have paddy's steamroller in my possession and will be doing some test riding / joy riding tomorrow.

looks like home reno season may be over and winter riding may begin in earnest. the way i see it the money i was going to put into backsplash tiles, since the floor can be refinished with mucho labour and very little cash, can go into the bike].


on a more serious note my grudge this sunday will be with piper's soccer schedule as it turns out we will catch the beginning of grudgecross but then alas it will be off to the soccer pitch.


apparently not just for parkour and bmx vids. from the nyt.


ecstatic joy

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

also on my mind

oceans depleted
empty, lifeless, once fecund
too late, i hope not

i know that this is old news now but it took a while for it to sink in so that i could express something that carries such extreme and catastophic weight.

like me you probably thought that as long as we had the oceans to supply the world with a relatively inexpensive source of protien we stood a chance. well. "poof" that hope is gone. beyond feeling sorry for us i have to think what did we expect. if we strip the planet of all that sustains life how can we, unless we are profoundly arrogant, ignorant, and deluded, expect life to continue.

on my mind

Thursday, November 9, 2006

my kitchen: my house

having lived in this house for a year and a half it was prime time to put our stamp on it. when i bought it i spent a month getting the house for the kids and i. but much remained to be done in.

now, following a gentle nudge and some help from michelle, the kid's and i have done some neet stuff. the kitchen walls are one wall coat away from being done! and i may wait till the floor is redone before doing the trim. [ssshhh, but i may start on the floor this weekend.]

the kitchen project has spread throughout the house. i have redone the light fixtures in the kitchen, front hall, stairs and upstairs landing. last night witnessed an unanticipated but ultra swish complete reconfiguration of the living room. and i've got ideas regarding a lap-top rather than desk top work station and its affect on my dining room /work area.

so if there is a riddle as to what the cyclist/skier does between seasons........

i've been spending far more time at the hardware store than the bike shop.

back to work pour moi.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

new to the blogosphere: check it out

local cyclists, john: aka team johnny, and shona have joined the growing ranks of manitoba bike bloggers.

drop in and check them out.

Monday, November 6, 2006

gotta post it

just arrived via e-mail. thanks michelle and thanks to photog, ray babb. thanks for that info ian.

Sunday, November 5, 2006

belgian cross: provincials

awesome course; awesome conditions. single speeders! we shook things up. can there be any other way. results are up. a big yahoo for the boys from minnesota. kudos to the belgian's for some damn fine beers.

cam 'sandbagger' mclaren coming out hard for the provincials. looks out minniapolis i think cam's still got some go in his tank.

minnesota singlcspeed

hal, hot in the corner.

poor grass.

Friday, November 3, 2006

critique of modernism

behold a sparse beauty
dry, methodical, perfect
imperfect it is

post with no name

i had decided that today was the day to get new prayer flags. my local buddhist supply shop, prairie sky, was able to provide flags, and francine who works there was, as always, great company and the source of great conversation.

what remained was the choice of whether to remove the old flags or hang the new at their side. the decision would be made on the walk home.

taking down the flags and disposing of them by burning would have sent their final blessings out into the universe in a way impossible through continued flying. i am, however, also drawn to letting the the flags fly in the tatters they are becoming. i am also attracted to continuing and witnessing that process of decay.

i decided to let them hang, for another reason which occured on the walk home. the new flags flying and comingled with the old represent a harmony and not simply a conjunction of past and future.

between the past and the future exists the present. what better place for harmony; what other place for harmony is possible.

Thursday, November 2, 2006


- i am a more pleasant person now that the odds and ends of my kitchen are out of my living room/dining room and back in their cupboards.
- i am a more effective parent when i've had my morning espresso/americano.
- the light reflected from fresh snow does improve my mood, which i now fully realize darkens with the dimming light of autumn.
- going for a week without any caffiene [last week] was a usefull exercise which will not be repeated.