Wednesday, July 12, 2006

when running becomes a death march any resolution is concievable

large fiery object seen hovering over the prairies.

35 degrees in winnipeg today, who knows what the humidex was. after two fantastic rides yesterday, tempo on the road in the morning and technical on the trails in evening, i thought a run was in order. i set out a noon, perfect timing for suffering, on my 17km loop through assiniboine park and around tuxedo golf course.

now i will forever know it as the water fountain route. the exact location of all the water fountains was on my mind much of the time. the dirty three was apropo for such conditions.

funny what goes through one's mind on a long run [ in this heat it took 2hrs] when every ounce of liquid is being wrung from your body. today i resolved to embark on a year of being single. equinox to equinox, or solstice to solstice, whatever the mid summer long day is. i was with a remarkable woman for 18 years. since our separation/divorce i have been in a few relationships with some great people. but i've spent very little time unattached. now i would like to be unattached to my apparent need for romantic relationships. a year it is.

running, who knew. maybe i should stick to riding.


Paddy Humenny said...

...ya, go figure...


cyclingdave said...

around and around and around. hot, dusty, lung burning laps at grand beach.

sunday it is!