Friday, July 14, 2006

stealth ride

ok, i'm not going to write about every ride. but today's ride post stems from me finding my legs - training started late this spring - and my continued enthusiasm for the above pictured bike.

the stealthy ride pictured above is not something i would have spent my hard earned cash on. my means are far too modest. i was, however, hit by a car three years ago. outcome; shattered helmet, acre of road rash, couple of decent facial lacerations, and a smashed frame. my home insurance covered a replacement bike. and this was the replacement for a tired first generation cadex carbon fibre bike. hmmm.

at any rate a sweet ride like this would not gather dust in any home. this saddle is where i spend hours and hours and hours of base endurance training. today however, i hammered it for two solid redline hours.

you know i'm smilin.

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