Friday, July 14, 2006

mutant fruit flies rampant in kitchen and compost

i now see why fruit fly's are used for genetic experimentation. apart from a simple genetic to trace, these creatures are prolific and prodigious breeders. i now have a cloud of them living in my kitchen with the epicenter continually hovering over my compost bowl - this bowl is the temporary home of veg and fruit debris destined for the composter outside. my flies seem to be a mutant yellow type.

the peace that had been established during their colonization stage is being eroded by their sheer volume and numbers. i don't know if i can wait to see what the carrying capacity of my household is - what with all the fruit that comes in and peelings etc. that go out. and horror of horrors what if they begin to find the sticky spots left by the kids freezies! the entire house would be over-run.

their is plenty of advice for killing them with poisons and contraptions and more benign methods. i think i am going to try to get them to move outdoors.

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