Tuesday, July 11, 2006

the modest hobo

steve harjula, graphic designer extrodinaire and cycling machine, seen here with tom and allan at ian hall's pre-marriage send off / kidnapping, is modest about his cycling.

sunday steve planned to ride from winnipeg to kenora to visit a friend. outside of falcon lake on his way to kenora he discovered via tm that his friend had to return to winnipeg.

steve turned around, rode the maelstrom of sunday hwy #1 return traffic back to falcon and over lunch considered his options. true to form he opted to ride back to wpg on secondary highways. sunday was cold so he left wpg late to begin with and got back to the city at nightfall having put 10 hrs into the saddle and 350+ kms under his wheels.

monster ride? the mighty finn says "eh, just a ride."

yo steve, next year listen to us. ride the beach.

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