Monday, July 17, 2006

fun at the beach

paddy, steve and i rode laps at grand beach on sunday. it was steve's first time out there and he got lost. [we all got lost at some point: the area is like a rabbit's warren of trails] steve was able to find the car though, and then the beach. dave dorning was also up there for some laps. he is very fast this year. grand beach will be the site of the provincial mtn bike championships on august 19.

the course is sandy and hilly with a few decent boulder infested technical bits. by the third lap i was able to get through the toughest of these with some grace and dignity. it is an awesome course.

the day was super hot so it was down to the beach afterwards to parade our skinny-assed cycling tan bodys across the sand and into the water for a quick refreshing dip. apparently grand beach is the longest fresh water beach in north america.

i think that between now and provincials the road bike will be put to the bottom of the bike rotation and i am going to focus on my technical 'skills.' having the legs does'nt matter if i can's steer them down the trail.

the guys, not to mention my kids, will be glad to know that the wonder wagon in getting the a/c looked after tomorrow. still under warranty, whew! the heat is on baby. i hear that all of us coast to coast tip to tip are having the hottest summer on record. hmm. wonder if that has anything to do with my car and everybody elses?

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