Friday, July 21, 2006

bird's hill

wednesday night's bird's hill race was postponed - a film about a female serial killer in conflict witht a rogue grizzly bear is being shot out there - but a bunch of us got out for some laps. the course is fantastic, i had never ridden it before. it is tight technical cut from the forest with a few long fast bits.

i enjoyed it so much i took a page from tom's training manual and the following night i rode out to the park, rode three laps and rode back home. the ride out was a soul sucking endevour through rush-hour traffic longing for the single track ahead. that hour + seemed to last an eternity. the hour home was not so bad but rolling down the side of hwy # 59 on the comfy couch just does'nt seem right. with an hour + of single track it was a 3 and a half hour evening. what a perfect way to spend a summer's evening. i also hooked up with a good friend for a 2 hour spin at lunch. so it was a 5 + hour day. yeah, good fortune smile on me.

today steve wants to ride west for the afternoon. i think i'm game.

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